Lily Bohlke

Lily is one of the co-Editors-in-Chief for The S&B. Past positions on the paper include Staff Writer, Copy Editor, Features Editor and News Editor. She’s a third-year English major and Linguistics concentrator from Baaaahston, Massachusetts. She loves gummy worms, the New Yorker and matcha tea. She can be reached at


Emma Friedlander

Emma Friedlander is a co-Editor-in-Chief for The S&B. She has previously served as News Editor, Arts Editor and an opinions columnist. Emma is a fourth-year History and Russian major originally from Overland Park, Kansas. An avid reader and pop culture enthusiast, she aspires to work in journalism, covering the arts or international affairs. You can reach her at


News Editor
Alice Herman

Alice Herman is a co-News Editor for The S&B. She is a fourth year history major from Madison, Wisconsin, and is in the brainstorming phase of developing an app that will send cheese plates across long distances in an instant. In her free time, she enjoys reading. Alice can be reached at


News Editor
Candace Mettle

Candace Mettle is one of the News Editors for Fall 2017. Formerly she was the Opinions Editor, Sports Editor and freelance writer for The S&B. She is originally from Newport, Oregon, and while at Grinnell, Candace is pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Political Science. She plans to attend law school and become an attorney. In her free time, she reads, writes, plays the violin and soccer. She can be reached at


Community Editor
Mira Braneck

Mira Braneck is the Community Editor for The S&B. Previously, she has served as a News Editor, Staff Writer and Copy Editor for The S&B. Mira is a third year English major. From Verona, New Jersey, Mira enjoys reading and swimming in her free time. You can reach her at


Arts Editor
Keli Vitaioli

Keli Vitaioli is the Arts Editor for The S&B. She is a third year Political Science and Economics major from Wheeling, Illinois. Keli is also involved in theater production and concerts committee on campus, and in her free time, she enjoys amateur photography and facetimeing her cat, Robin. She hopes to visit the Pentagon one day. You can reach her at

Sports Editor
Jackson Schulte

Jackson Schulte is the Sports Editor for The S&B. You can reach him at 

Caryn thinking

Features Editor
Caryn McKechnie

Caryn McKechnie is the S&B's Features Editor. She is a fourth-year English major and she has previously reported for Wisconsin Public Radio. She enjoys running, cuddling with her small dog and writing with nice pens. You can reach her at 


Opinions Editor
Max Fenton

Max Fenton is the Opinions Editor for The S&B. He is a third-year Philosophy and Political Science double major from Des Moines. When he’s not editing, you can usually find him reading, writing, working at the library or playing his autoharp, Nico. You can reach him at


Photo Editor
Jeff Li

Jeffrey (Jeff) Li is the Photo Editor for The S&B. He has also served as a staff photographer at The Scarlet & Black. Jeff is a fourth-year Economics major and Global Development Studies concentrator from Chicago, IL. If he’s not editing photos, you can find him playing video games, talking tech, listening to new music, or playing soccer. You can reach him at


Graphics Editor
Lica Ishida

Lica Ishida is a Graphics Editor at The S&B. She has designed graphics for student organizations such as the International Student Organization and the Japanese Culture Association by creating several T-shirt and poster designs. Lica is a fourth-year Psychology major from the tiny island of Saipan. To contact her, please e-mail


Staff Writer
Kate Irwin

Kate Irwin is the Staff Writer for The S&B. Previously she has served as a freelance writer. Kate is a second year Political Science and History double major from Johnston, Iowa. She is also a member of the Swim & Dive team, involved with Student Alumni Council and a member of the Female Athlete Leadership Series. Kate plans to attend law school after her time at Grinnell. In her free time, she loves to run, watch Netflix with her cats and eat honeydew melon. You can reach her at


Copy Editor
Carter Howe

Carter Howe is a Copy Editor for The S&B. He is a second-year from Newton, Massachusetts. When he’s not checking articles for capitalization errors, he enjoys doing improv comedy with Grinnell’s short-form improv group Ritalin Test Squad, reading, and eating ice cream. You can reach him at


Copy Editor
Mayo Sueta

Mayo Sueta is one of the Copy Editors for The S&B. She is a second-year intended English major from Tokyo, Japan. She is a writer and hopes to make it a full-time profession someday. In her free time she likes to read, eat food and watch YouTube videos. You can reach her

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Business Manager
Riley Murphy

Riley is the Business Manager for the S&B. Riley is a third-year Classics major from Encinitas, California who uses he/him/his pronouns. In addition, he is the Presiding Officer of SGA and a co-chair of the Classics Student Educational Policy Committee. In his free time, Riley likes to play games with friends and think about his dog, Finn. You can contact him at