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Eduard Duval-Carrie brings history into contemporary art

By Jackson Schulte schultej@grinnell.edu Miami-based artist Edouard Duval-Carrié returned to Grinnell College’s Faulconer Gallery on Oct. 26 to talk about his recent work as both an artist and curator, and his collaborative work with Grinnell students. Duval-Carrié has been working with Grinnell students in a short course, titled “Visualizing Freedom and Abolition in the New…


Task Force discusses College-owned Poweshiek Petroleum Corporation

By Jackson Schulte schultej@grinnell.edu   As the College’s Fossil Fuel and Climate Impact Task Force and the Board of Trustees wrap up their meetings this week, participants acknowledged the College’s need to address its carbon footprint, the way the endowment supports the fossil fuel industry and the College’s rights to profitable oil extraction in Texas,…


Community questions College’s relationship with NRA president

By Alice Herman and Candace Mettle hermanal17@grinnell.edu, mettleca@grinnell.edu In the wake of the most deadly mass-shooting in U.S. history, community members of both the City of Grinnell and the College mourned the deaths of 59 concertgoers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Concerned residents representing the College and the City have encouraged a frank community discussion on…


Grinnell Artists: Liam Stowe ’18

By Saiham Sharif sharifsa@grinnell.edu For Liam Stowe ’18, art is much more than a form of entertainment. “I see it as an impetus to think creatively no matter what I do personally or professionally in the future. I want to continue maintaining its centrality to my life as well because I’ve found infinitely more personal…


Scandal sheds light on financial disparities in college sports

By Sam Rueter ruetersa@grinnell.edu On Sept. 26, the FBI announced the arrests of ten individuals connected to the NCAA on charges of fraud, bribery and money laundering. Included among the defendants were assistant basketball coaches at major Division I powerhouses like USC, Oklahoma State and Arizona, as well as a high-ranking Adidas executive. Those arrested…


Alumnus returns to speak on international nuclear threats

By Clara Larson larsoncl@grinnell.edu   Greg Thielmann ’72 spent 30 years in foreign service for both the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Arms Control Association, serving in Brazil, Germany and Russia. His career gave him decades worth of experience in understanding and analyzing nuclear arms issues from the perspective of multiple branches of the U.S….


Grinnell Artists: Emily Gold ’19

Zoe Fruchter fruchter@grinnell.edu “I’m a dancer,” Emily Gold ’19 states plainly on the floor of Bucksbaum 181, otherwise known as Grinnell’s dance studio. However, this straightforward statement does not convey the depth of Gold’s dedication to dance, and her range within the art form. A nationally competitive ballroom dancer, leader of Salseros de Grinnell and…


Grinnell Artists: Madeleine Brand-LaBarge ’18

By Lily Bohlke bohlkeli@grinnell.edu “How much is this gonna hurt?” asked Manan Pradhan ’20 before Madeleine Brand-LaBarge ’18 began tattooing the words “Gimme Shelter” on his arm, his first tattoo. “People wouldn’t do it if it was unbearable. But you will go numb at a certain point,” Brand-LaBarge said. “You’ll feel the pain, and as…


Kaepernick is only a fraction of the NFL’s problems

By Jackson Schulte schultej@grinnell.edu Everything is wrong with the NFL in 2017. The issues start with Colin Kaepernick but expand to other issues that make evident a disgusting culture in NFL front offices — and especially Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office — that is fueled by racism, greed and the toleration of violence. The culmination of…