Ian Stout - Jeff Li

Forget Self-Gov, Focus on Self-Love

Grinnell College’s new alcohol policy, put into effect this year, has poured metaphorical Hawkeye onto our campus’ fiery Self-Gov debate. Is Self-Gov dead, or alive? In my opinion, you shouldn’t care. Arguing Self-Gov semantics does nothing to improve Grinnell students’ ability to function in an academically-rigorous school (see: GrinnHell) that has come under repeated fire…


A Field of Daydreams

Editors note: The writer dedicates this column to Lyle Bauman A common complaint I’ve heard about Grinnell is how flat the land around us is, but drive more than five minutes in any direction and you can clearly see that’s not true. Southern Iowa is not flat but filled with rolling foothills, covered in leafy…


Hijacked Heros

On Nov. 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed in to law HR 5890, an act declaring the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to be a federal legal holiday. At the official remarks for the signing, where he was joined by King’s widow and children, congressional leaders and a veritable who’s-who of social activists,…


What Happened to the Grand Ol’ Party?

Grinnell College is a place of great diversity and thought, and yet in some aspects, the campus could not be less so. Most everyone on campus is bound by the notion that only a certain political climate — mainly that of liberal democrats — is suitable for our great land. Though I do not disagree…


Letter to the Editor: Reconnection

As many of you already know, the Administration is currently considering a proposal to establish a College farm. There are several reasons why a farm would help the student community. It would improve Dining Hall food, create new work and academic opportunities for students and facilitate meaningful engagement between College students and Grinnell community members. …


Anarchy, Discord and Hope?

Before seeing “The Purge: Election Year” which aired this July, you might want to familiarize yourself with the preceding film, “The Purge: Anarchy.” While it does have its faults, in general I find the second movie to be an interesting installment in the series, and maybe even an improvement upon the original. The film takes…


Progressive Minds, Trashy Mouths

The story of class in the United States has largely been an untold one, especially the history of the white, working poor. They have been colloquially known by a variety of names throughout the ages: scalawag, clay-eater, redneck, hillbilly and the ever-present designation of being “white trash.” This history is a hard one to escape,…


Little College on the Prairie

“You’re not even in Des Moines, right? So you’re in the middle of nowhere?” When that frustrating question inevitably comes, it’s easy to mention the friendly people, the excitement of presidential campaigns or the quality education that Grinnell provides, but the reason I came to Grinnell started much, much earlier than that. It began with…

Two Town Halls took place in JRC 101 to discuss new alcohol policies. Photo by Jeff Li.

Alumni Letter: New Policies Will Aid Health

Dear President Kington and Associate Vice President Conner, I write as an alumnus and proud Grinnellian to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to you for taking action to curb and control alcohol use at Grinnell.  It is testament to the College’s renewed interest in the health and well-being of the students in its care,…