A Finals Week Survival Guide

So, if you take anything from our column this semester, it should be to use the resources around you to take care of yourself in a way that works for you. As a very wise [2013]er wrote on the wall in Bob’s, “Self-care is not selfish, it’s an act of survival.”

Make Our School a Sanctuary

Dear Grinnell College Administration and Board of Trustees: Grinnell College prides itself in upholding its core values of fostering a diverse community and committing to a life-long project of social responsibility. Yet we —  Grinnell College faculty, staff, student body, alumni, family members and members of the broader community — believe these critical elements that…

Respect and Resistance

The night of Nov. 8 was a surreal experience for many Grinnellians. Gathered around campus to celebrate Clinton’s victory, a slow-moving shock seemed to take hold of the student body as states on the map were slowly shaded red. While students at other schools gathered to protest and yell their frustrations, Grinnell remained strangely silent;…

It’s Too Damn Warm

As a native Californian, I never imagined I would say Iowa was “too warm” for anything. Perhaps with the exception of move-in week my first year, when we had heat-advisory warnings and I often woke up drenched in sweat, I’d always imagined Iowa weather to err on the colder side and the winters to fill…

The Last of the RINOs

We are all very surprised and confused by the result of this election. As a liberal Republican, I am no different in my visceral response. Donald Trump has already caused so much damage not only to the image of the party as a whole but also to its very ideals. We must now ask ourselves…


We Don’t Know What This Means for Us

The outcome of this election has taken a very real physical and mental toll of a great many people and that it is okay to be “not okay.” There is no shame in being afraid or upset and you should never have to hide the fact that this has hurt you on deeply personal level.