Admin address social class awareness

By Steve Yang Tim Burnette ’19 published “An Open Letter to President Kington,” addressing troubling statements made by President Kington regarding social class at Grinnell, in the Grinnell Underground Magazine (GUM) two weeks ago. In response to the article, SGA released a survey concerning social class awareness at Grinnell on Sept. 19. Burnette’s letter,…


Investigating college rankings

By Philip Kiely The United States Department of Education recently released its inaugural update to the College Scorecard. Unlike the U.S. News & World Report and similar college rankings, the College Scorecard provides only raw data and statistics and does not impose a definitive ranking. This data includes annual average cost, graduation rate and…


Joy Sales ’13 talks Asian American Activism

Three years after graduating from Grinnell, Joy Sales ’13 is back on campus to teach a short course on Asian-American activism, a key topic to her doctoral research at Northwestern University. The S&B’s Abraham Golden recently sat down with Sales to talk about her time at Grinnell and how her life has unfolded since graduation….


Early voting encouraged in Grinnell

By Megan Tcheng As the election season nears its November finale, voters across the country are gradually preparing to cast in their ballots. While some voters may still be experiencing cold feet or confusion surrounding their candidates of choice, many political supporters are already poised to finalize their votes in pen and paper. For…


Third parties candidates: an alternative option or a wasted vote

By Graham Dodd Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are potentially the most disliked presidential candidates in American history. While many voters feel forced to pick one of the two, others are searching for alternatives. Professor Barbara Trish, Political Science, says this has created a rare opportunity for third parties and independents, which are typically…


Senator seats prove tough to fill

By Philip Keily The Student Government Association (SGA) held senator elections last week and announced the College’s 18 new senators on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Senators are elected every semester and hold an important position on campus, with duties ranging from budget approval to communication with administration. However, it can be difficult to get students…


SGA cabinet outlines upcoming actions

By Keli Vitaioli This year’s Student Government Association (SGA) cabinet, headed by President Anita DeWitt ’17, is placing its emphasis on the support of all students. With the National College Health Assessment results reporting that around 30 percent of Grinnellians feel lonely, the cabinet will be finding ways to express to students the importance…


Pads and tampons remain absent from non-female bathrooms

By Lily Bohlke Although many students are excited about the new free menstrual products in women’s bathrooms this semester, the same products have not made an appearance in male-gendered and single-occupancy bathrooms. Last September, Rebekah Rennick ’18 picked the locks of many tampon and pad machines across campus to demonstrate her belief that every…


SHACS tackles mental health on campus, brings in new counselors

By Megan Tcheng Grinnell College’s Student Health and Counseling Services (SHACS) hosted a suicide prevention training course for a group of 30 students, professors and faculty members this past Tuesday, Sept. 13. Beth Gallegos, Mental Health Therapist and Assistant Director of SHACS, led the workshop. At the end of the session, attendees were provided…