What it takes to become a Grinnell College trustee

Lily Hamilton What does it take to become a trustee of Grinnell College? More than money, according to Grinnell College President Raynard Kington and Chair of the Board of Trustees’ Governance Committee Patricia Fitzgibbons Anderson ’80. While trustees are expected to make the College one of their top philanthropic priorities, the board considers a…


Student Initiative proposing student vote on board of trustees passes; SGA to consider revised bylaws

By Seth Taylor Student activism large and small is common across campus. One way to mobilize support and gather resources is to propose an initiative to the student body through Student Government Association (SGA). The Student Initiative Fund Committee (StiFund) handles the logistics of both the proposal and implementation process for all student initiatives….


Activism around gun violence opens dialogue: Director, producer of Newtown documentary to speak on campus with Newtown community activists

By Alice Herman   For the past month, community members in the City of Grinnell and Grinnell College have grappled with the question of gun safety and regulation in the midst of a debate that has become deeply polarized. “26 Days of Action Against Gun Violence,” the resulting month-long series of talks, community meetings…


Student organization on mental health hosts destigmatization event

By Ben Mikek On Nov. 29, organizers of the student group National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) hosted an event focused on the destigmatization of mental illness. Participants listened to stories of mental illness, statistics on the prevalence of mental health problems and a brief presentation on some appropriate ways to handle mental illness,…


Installation ceremony honor four professors

Kate Irwin This past Tuesday, Nov. 14, Grinnell College held an installation ceremony to recognize faculty and staff who have been honored with an “endowed faculty chair.” In addition to being publicly honored, each recipient gave a short speech reflecting on their work and time at the College. Donations create endowed faculty chair positions,…


Multicultural panel reflects on earlier days at Grinnell

—Editor’s Note: Matt Rickett’s, Amihan Huesmann’s and Camila Barrios-Camacho’s names were misspelled in certain instances in the first publication of this article. The S&B apologizes for our mistake. By Saiham Sharif Last weekend on Nov. 11, five alumni, Chris Wilde ’88, Amihan Huesmann ’93, Anna Dudda ’96, Camila Barrios-Camacho ’12 and Javon Garcia ’14,…


Trans Remembrance Day will be magical: Ric Tennenbaum ’18 and Trans Advocacy Group to replicate famous 1970s anti-police brutality protest

In lieu of a vigil for Trans Remembrance Day, Trans Advocacy Group (TAG) has planned a “levitation demonstration” in which participants plan to cast spells upon and make levitate the Grinnell Police Department building downtown. The event is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 20 and will begin at 5 p.m. in the Grill. The S&B’s Alice…


Students protest Title IX legislation, question removal of display

By Alice Herman Last Thursday, Nov. 7, Dissenting Voices (DV) held a vigil in support of campus survivors of sexual assault. The visual display that the organization coordinated for the event was removed under contested circumstances, which led to a week of back-and-forth between administrators and the organizers of the event.  DV organizer Evan…

College faculty and staff to face higher insurance premiums

By Carter Howe Effective on Jan. 1, 2018, College faculty and staff will see their health insurance premiums increase by 5.6 percent and their dental insurance premiums by 2 percent. Much more controversially, however, approximately 150 College employees will lose their “flex credit” benefit. “Flex Credit is money given to employees who 1. Decline…