New campus group addresses issues of sexual assault

Real Men, which started in the fall of 2009, aims to spread awareness about sexual assault, and take much-needed steps to reduce the number of cases that occur at Grinnell College. According to the Campus Climate Assessment conducted in fall 2009, 17 percent of students thought that sexual assault was a problem at the college.
“[Real Men]’s purpose is to empower men, and all genders, really, but specifically men, to band together and help prevent sexual assault as opposed to being the perpetrators of it,” said P.J. Mahaffey ’11, the Senior SA in Clark Hall who was one of the original members of the group.

No Limits Project—the status after one year

A year ago, a group of student activists met and formed the No Limits Project (NLP), a student group that aimed to push the administration to maintain commitments to social justice, among other reforms. The group published a list of demands sent to President Russell K. Osgood—demands that it has been working to achieve for…

Whatever happens to all of those Initiatives?

They have ranged from proposed dining hall changes­—a common request—to a proposed name-change for the school itself–in 2006, 25 percent of students voted for Grinnell to be re-named the “Richard J Walker ’04 Conservatory of Awesomeness.” Over 100 student initiatives over the past 11 years have called for a plethora of various actions— the construction of a bordello, the devotion of a room in the JRC to bean bags, and the restoration of peace to the galaxy.