No Limits Project—the status after one year

A year ago, a group of student activists met and formed the No Limits Project (NLP), a student group that aimed to push the administration to maintain commitments to social justice, among other reforms. The group published a list of demands sent to President Russell K. Osgood—demands that it has been working to achieve for…

Whatever happens to all of those Initiatives?

They have ranged from proposed dining hall changes­—a common request—to a proposed name-change for the school itself–in 2006, 25 percent of students voted for Grinnell to be re-named the “Richard J Walker ’04 Conservatory of Awesomeness.” Over 100 student initiatives over the past 11 years have called for a plethora of various actions— the construction of a bordello, the devotion of a room in the JRC to bean bags, and the restoration of peace to the galaxy.

Where TF—did these volunteers come from?

Grinnell students are known for their drive for social equality. But now, more students are turning beliefs into action.
More students are applying for programs during semester breaks like Alt Break and ReNew and programs for graduates, like Grinnell Corps and Teach for America (TFA), than any time in recent memory.

Where-TF did all of the clothes disappear to?

Everyone on campus was invited to have their picture taken in whatever state of undress they felt most comfortable, while eating food and hanging out with other like-minded students. With the consent of the photographed person the pictures were later used in a public display contrasting the difference between reality and the media’s portrayal of body image.

Ian Roberts on Improv and TV

Ian Roberts ’87 discusses his adventures in sketch comedy including his time at Grinnell. Roberts is also the co-founder of Upright Citizens Brigrade and will be starring in a new TV show Players on Spike. Matthew Bachtell ’13 spoke with Roberts over the phone on Wednesday.