Get to know your SEPC: studio art

By: Zane Silk ’20 The new art SEPC hopes to foster a strong artistic community at Grinnell, stretching beyond the art majors to all students interested in art. Before fall 2016 the art and art history SEPC split into two groups, so the Studio Art Department’s SEPC has been able to focus its attention on…

Groups across campus come together to celebrate Indian history

by Cassidy Hilburn  hilburnc@grinnell.edu The History and Religious Studies departments, the South Asian Student Organization (SASO), the Alternate Language Study Option (ALSO) and the Institute for Global Engagement sponsored the Politics of Indian History Film Festival earlier this week. The concept for the film festival came from a multitude of organizations on campus taking initiative…


Limelight: Yarn Club

Yarn Club is a student band inspired by Blink-182 and Green Day. Yarn Club is comprised of Matt Murphy ’18 on guitar, Sean O’Reilley ’19 on drums and vocals, Josh Jensen ’19 on bass, Chris Brunet ’19 on guitar and vocals and J’Remi Barnes ’19 on piano. The S&B’s Julia Echikson sat down with the…


Grinnell’s Got Talent ends philanthropy week

by Reed Essex essexree@grinnell.edu Grinnellians Got Talent presented a stage for students to celebrate different talents on campus. Put on by the Student Alumni Council, Weekend, All Campus Events and Second Year Council, Grinnellians Got Talent finished National Philanthropy Week — a way to give back to individual colleges on a national level. This week…


TEDxGrinnellCollege invites alumni

by Graham Dodd doddhenr@grinnell.edu At the second annual TEDxGrinnellCollege event, “Bursting the Bubble,” alumni spoke about connecting their experiences at Grinnell with their lives after Grinnell through individual stories. The event took place on Nov. 5 in Roberts Theatre. Meghna Ravishankar ’17 said the theme was carefully chosen to be broad enough to ensure that…


Goon Club plays Mafia

by Philip Kiely  kielyphi@grinnell.edu The Grinnell Goon Club, which meets every Saturday at 1 p.m. in Younker lounge, is a study break group centered on the party game Mafia. Mafia is based on lies, manipulation, people reading and statistics. “[Mafia] can be very simple or very complicated,” said Andrew Lieman ’19, co-founder of the club….


Get to know SEPCS: Biology

by Andrea Baumgartel  baumgart1@grinnell.edu Similar to a mitochondrion, the Biology Department is a powerhouse, with an powerful SEPC squad. Like all SEPCs, it serves as a liaison between faculty and students, meeting to plan study breaks, survey both students and faculty and represent the department within SGA and Academic Affairs. “We don’t just plan study…