Coming soon: your Career Community

By Sam Rueter ruetersa@grinnell.edu The fall 2017 semester marks the launch of “Career Communities,” a new initiative from the Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS) at Grinnell. The program, spearheaded by Mark Peltz, dean of the Center for Careers, Life and Services, aims to connect students with alumni and professionals in their chosen field…


New club RATS aims to provide support for survivors

By Molly Nelson  nelsonmo@grinnell.edu Narz Diane ’20 lies across a large, pancake-shaped beanbag in the Stonewall Resource Center. We are surrounded by vivid colors and pillows adorned with gender and sexuality puns. Secluded, but surrounded by warm ambience. The Rape And Trauma Support group, or RATS, is a new group on campus. As of now,…


Hop on the off-campus tour

By Caryn McKechnie mckechni@grinnell.edu It’s back to school and many fourth years are settling into their new off campus houses. With the hope of helping on campus folks orient to the off campus scene, The S&B’s Caryn McKechnie talked with some spokespeople from various homes. Here’s what she learned. Our house is “The Sanctuary.” We…


NSO Week Eclipsed

By Emma Friedlander friedlan@grinnell.edu The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 swept across the continental United States last Monday, Aug. 21, and Grinnell’s position mere hours away from the path of totality meant that many Grinnellians witnessed the eclipse firsthand. From campus the eclipse could be viewed at an impressive 95 percent totality during peak time…


Grinnellians’ Summer Plans

Grinnellians have big plans for the summer, and the S&B’s Mayo Sueta asked students in and around the Grill to share what they have in store for the next few months. Photos by Takahiro Omura.  Russia and Lifeguarding Music and Stats Research and Classes Too! Cruising Through Life


Despite Dreary Weather, Relays are a Success

By Kate Irwin irwinkat@grinnell.edu The annual Grinnell Relays — a series of jovial competitions that are performed while studens are in various degrees of inebriation — has been a tradition since 1973. While sunny weather would have been preferred, this year’s Relays were a success despite the cold and wet conditions, with 50 teams competing….


Konstanty Gebert Q&A

Konstanty Gebert is a Polish journalist who was a democratic opposition activist in the Solidarity movement, which led to the fall of the totalitarian regime in Poland in 1989. Gebert, who is at Grinnell this semester to teach a couple of short courses, recently sat down with The S&B’s Alice Herman  ’18 and Marysia Ciupka…


Background Noyce: Cooper Battle

By Andrea Baumagartel baumgart1@grinnell.edu Although he has just started working at Grinnell this year, Professor Cooper Battle, biochemistry, is already leading a couple of different research projects, both of which star a particular method of chemical imaging: fluorescence. Given that Battle straddles the fields of biology and chemistry, it is apt that one of his…


Background Noyce: Jonathan Gilmour

By Philip Kiely kielyphi@grinnell.edu Don’t be alarmed if you see drones racing across the sky or taking swooping aerial videography, it’s probably Jonathan Gilmour ’19 with his Experimental College (ExCo) class: Introduction to Consumer Drones. Gilmour is sharing his passion by teaching students how to fly, race, and film with drones this semester. “I’ve been…


Sexual Health Information Center expands operations

By Louise Carhart carhartl17@grinnell.edu As a result of large scale overhaul in partnership with the Student Government Association (SGA), the Sexual Health Information Center (SHIC) has expanded its inventory, lowered prices and provided more educational opportunities for the student body. Since officially coming under the umbrella of SGA, SHIC’s budget has increased and their educators…