Grinnell alum gives back through short course

By Julia Echikson echikson@grinnell.edu Wilson Scholar Sanjay Khanna ’85 is currently teaching a short course on entrepreneurship called “Real Life Entrepreneurship.” The three-week class will end on Nov. 9. The class aims to teach students how to be entrepreneurs in the real world. In an email to The S&B, Khanna wrote that he wants to…


Day in the life of a student abroad in France: Danica Bojovic

7:15—First alarm goes off. Continue to sleep. 7:30—Second alarm goes off. Take my phone and scroll through Instagram and all the messages that happened after 11 p.m. last night, when I was officially asleep. 8:00—Enough of social media poisoning. Thinking about coffee makes me get out of the bed. 8:05—Make coffee, feeling satisfied. 8:10—Search for…


A serious conversation about Tourism

Fall break concluded a week ago, and many of us took off our Grinnell student hats in order to don a different hat — the cap of a tourist. Curious about digging underneath the fun surface of tourism to see what political implications lie below, The S&B’s Caryn McKechnie sat down with Professor Kesho Scott,…


Day in the Life: Clara Trippe

5:00 a.m.—Wakes up in a sweat because my room is 90 degrees. 5:05 a.m.—Searches for the thermostat. 5:06 a.m.—Wonders how the fuck I’ve lived in this house for two months and still don’t know where the thermostat is. 5:10 a.m.—Finally finds thermostat, returns to bed. 7:20 a.m.—Redirects my anger from the thermostat to my alarm…


Yoni Ki Baat: vulnerable and empowering

By Lily Bohlke bohlkeli@grinnell.edu Last week, Monsoon hosted Yoni Ki Baat, which means roughly “vagina talks.” The event served as a space for Asian and Pacific Islander women to share poems and stories, sticking to a common theme of sex. Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa is a grassroots, non-profit advocacy group based in Des…


Grinnell Extreme Society

By Caleb Forbes forbesca@grinnell.edu Misha Gelnarova ’18 is an extreme person. A veteran of extreme sports, Gelnarova has been addicted to the extreme since her involvement in Fire Sport in the Czech Republic — a sport for volunteer firefighters, and according to Gelnarova, “if you mess up it can crack your skull and stuff.” In…


Education SEPC: “Here for students”

By Hallela Hinton-Williams hintonwi@grinnell.edu The Education Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) is here for the students. The members, Ashley Jackson ’18, Christian Clark ’18, Jherron Sutton ’18, Carrie Stallings ’19, Eden Gregory ’19, Rene Ayala ’19 and J’Remi Barnes ’19 have been a part of Grinnell’s education department community for years. Now, they can make…


Students flock to 10/10 Harm Reduction Workshop

By Vera Kahn kahnvera@grinnell.edu This Saturday marks the second iteration of Fall Fest, the Department of Student Affairs’ response to 10/10,  a student tradition up until last year. Due to a variety of factors, including excessive drinking and Title IX complaints, the dorm-lounge-based party was shut down. However, the school can’t stop off-campus parties from…


Grinnell’s Iron Woman

By Caleb Forbes forbesca@grinnell.edu This past Saturday, Grinnell graduate Ana Karin Kozjek ’17 swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran a marathon back-to-back-to-back. This impresive feat marks the completion of her first ever Ironman. Relatively close to Kozjek’s home in neighboring Slovenia, the strenuous day-long triathlon took place in Italy for the first time….