Showvember: entertainment and English muffins

By Kelly Page pagekell@grinnell.edu Every November, Grinnellians gather in Gardner Lounge for Showvember, a festival of Grinnell student bands. Last Friday, Nov. 10, several bands took the stage for this important Grinnellian event. According to Josie Sloyan ’18, who played rhythm guitar in Alien Girls, Showvember went smoothly and was full of talent. “I’ve been…


Meet Grinnell’s Independent Majors

By Kate Irwin irwinkat@grinnell.edu A defining aspect of Grinnell College is the liberal arts education it offers, and the independent major is truly as liberal arts as it gets. Currently, eleven students are registered as independent majors. Grinnell provides a very open curriculum, as there are no general education requirements, aside from major and concentration…


Beloved Grinnell librarian treks through the Himalayas

By Caleb Forbes forbesca@grinnell.edu For those who thought they had an adventurous Fall Break, library staff Chris Gaunt probably outdid you. Freshly back and still integrating her bold experience, Gaunt recently journeyed on a spiritual trek through the highlands of Nepal. Gaunt was chosen as one of 19 people from all over the globe to…


The Sanctuary on High Street

By Hallela Hinton-Williams hintonwi@grinnell.edu Erhaan Ahmad, Ayon Dey, Artis Curiskis, Jonah Zimmermann, Sydney Quartey and Aleks Hrusanov, all ’18, live in what they call the Sanctuary. “We’re a pretty diverse house, maybe the most diverse on High St. We wanted to be very open to anyone who wanted to come, and kind of play off…

Diwali brightens Grinnell

By Arumina Fatehpuria fatehpur@grinnell.edu Grinnell students gathered in Harris Center on Friday, Nov. 3 to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. Hosted by the South Asian Student Organization (SASO), this year marked the tenth year that Grinnell College students have celebrated Diwali as a public event. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, marks…


Grinnell Technology Committee: Easing campus-life for everyone

By Kelly Page pagekell@grinnell.edu According to many Grinnellians, technology at our College can be either extremely useful or incorrigibly inconvenient. That’s why the SGA Tech Committee is working on several technology-based projects that aim to make life easier for every Grinnell student, providing a link between ITS and the rest of the Grinnell community “In…


Activism and the academy: Professor Eliza Willis speaks

With student activism heating up on campus — from divestment art  to actions supporting increased gun control — the wisdom of our College’s most seasoned activists is becoming increasingly relevant. The S&B’s Saiham Sharif met up with Professor Eliza Willis, political science, to learn about her first call to activism and her consequent participation in…


Slaying the first ever Halloween Harris costume contest

This past Saturday, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the first-ever costume contest at Halloween Harris. The contest, one of SGA’s initiatives to bring students together, was a big success. The S&B’s Quan Minh Tran spoke with winners of the contest, Mary DaVega ’21, Pratik Karki ’20, Reed Winter ’21, James Msekela ’20, Ben Lim…


Experimental College: from personal finance to songwriting

By Kelly Page pagekell@grinnell.edu There’s only one place at Grinnell College where one can take classes about how to brew beer, freestyle, write songs or be wealthy: the Experimental College, commonly referred to as ExCo. Students and community members can sign up for five-week courses taught by Grinnell students about anything they think is interesting….


Messy college students in a messy college house

By Amanda Weber weberama@grinnell.edu Many Grinnell partygoers are likely familiar with the interior of 1014 High Street. However, for the house’s residents, Yufei Wang, Christine Rains, Josephine Sloyan, Clara Trippe and Olivia Schouboe, all ’18, familiarity has become an understatement. “It was funny moving in because I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been to parties…