Your Senators Speak

By Saiham Sharif and Carter Howe sharifsa@grinnell.edu & howethom@grinnelll.edu SGA Senators were recently elected. They ran campaigns, and some of us voted. So who are our senators, and what are they about? The S&B’s Saiham Sharif and Carter Howe investigated. They talked to senators Henry Bolster, Warren Schweitzer and Jonathan Rebelsky. All photos by Mahira…


Day in the life abroad in Morocco: Claire Eide ’19

5:24 a.m.—Wake up to the Fajr, check Facebook, calculate how much more sleep I can get. Not a lot. Go back to bed. 7:45 a.m.—Get dressed and inhale the chocolate croissant Baba Mohammed set out for me. Throw back some chai and a lot of coffee. 8:02 a.m.—Eye the breakfast baguette. Resist the urge to…


Passionate about education? You’re invited to Ed Pros

By Seth Taylor taylorse@grinnell.edu Students with an interest in education careers attended the first of many meetings of the Education Professions Career Community, commonly known as Ed Pros, this Monday. Those in attendance heard from Dan Covino, the new director of Ed Pros, on the general program for the year and upcoming events, and Covino…


Chemistry SEPC: stronger than covalent bonds

By Kate Irwin irwinkat@grinnell.edu Believe it or not, the bond of the Chemistry Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) is stronger than a covalent bond. The members of this year’s SEPC are Katie Parrish ’18, Alitza Shutt ’18, Micheal Kolanowski ’19, Aidan Call ’19 and Vivian Cheslack ’19. These students work to provide input for hiring…


The great off-campus baking show

  Many of the Grinnellians who live off campus no longer patronize the Dining Hall. These individuals have forgone the meal plan in favor of finding sustenance elsewhere. So what exactly do these people eat? The S&B’s Carter Howe checked it out. He talked with Irene Gilbert, Erhaan Ahmad, and Abdiel Lopez. The S&B: What’s…


Laughter House 5: A Place of Love and Mystery

By Jessica Kunzman kunzmanj@grinnell.edu The historic home at 1018 East Street has many names. To seasoned Grinnellians, it is the Garden House. To partygoers, it is the Basement House. But to Bea Herce-Hagiwara, Helen Lant, Irene Gilbert, Maddi Danks and Rachel Buckner, all ’18, it is Laughter House 5. These women live at 1018, a…


Food House: Get the Good Grub with a Great Group

By Chloe Wray wraychlo@grinnell.edu Crossing the street from behind Cleveland Hall, I found Food House, located on East Street in front of the student garden, its porch full of residents, eager to greet their dinner guests. One of Grinnell’s three Project Houses, and home to twelve students, the house is an intentional community committed to…


Day in the life abroad in Ghana: Noah Segal ’19

2:30 a.m.—”First Awakening” Wake up and check phone, engage in 15 minute conversation with someone back home (Midwest is 5 hours behind). Maybe pee? 2:45 a.m.—Back to sleep because this habit is unhealthy. 7:15 a.m.—”Second Awakening” Wake up, hit snooze, sleep again. 7:24 a.m.—”Third (and final) Awakening” Wake up, throw on clothes. 7:25 a.m.—Take antimalarial….

Meet the new professors on the block

By Saiham Sharif and Quan Minh Tran sharifsa@grinnell.edu & tranminh2@grinnell.edu Each year, Grinnell welcomes not only new students, but also new professors. This week, Saiham Sharif and Quan Minh Tran took the chance to ask the new professors on campus about their path to Grinnell, their experience here so far and their plans for this…


Day in the life: Kevin Nguyen

6:45 a.m. — Another Monday. First alarm goes off. Accursed 8 a.m. classes, forcing me to wake up with the sun. 7:00 a.m. — Scroll through today’s menu on G-Licious. I hope there will be greek yogurt for breakfast. 7:15 a.m. -— Excitedly shuffle to the greek yogurt station. Realize it’s actually vanilla yogurt day….