Don’t get stung at the wasp’s nest

Steve Yang Welcome to the Wasp’s Nest, home of Editor-in-Chief Kelly Pyzik ’16. Located at 1205 Broad Street, the Wasp’s Nest is beautifully decorated, relatively elevated and carefully protected by the multitude of aggressive wasps that swarm around the covered staircase attached to the house.  Yet, within its cozy interior, Pyzik has made this space…

The residents, six human and one  reptilian, of 1018 East St. enjoy the spring sun on their porch.

Photo by Sarah Ruiz.

Life in the Prairie: Rude Haus

Steve Yang, Features Editor yangstev17@grinnell.edu “Do you want to see our snake?” is probably the first question a student will hear upon visiting 1018 East St., a polite contrast from the house’s self-given nickname: Rude Haus. The five fourth-year residents: Rachel Keen, Marissa Yetter, Ebony Chuukwu, Colleen Moser and Hannah Lieberman, all ’16, have all lived…

Deqa Aden is fundraising for drought alleviation efforts in Somaliland, whose flag she is pictured holding.

Photo by Misha Gelnarova.

Deqa Aden ’18 fundraises for Somaliland drought relief

Steve Yang, Features Editor yangstev17@grinnell.edu In the Republic of Somaliland, an autonomous region located in the northwest of Somalia, an ongoing famine caused primarily by severe drought has led to starvation and malnutrition among the country’s rural residents. In light of this situation, Deqa Aden ’18 started the Somaliland Relief Fund, a GoFundMe-based initiative dedicated…

Humans of Grinnell College Graphic

Humans of Grinnell College showcases connections

Lily Bohlke, Copy Editor bohlkeli@grinnell.edu Through his well-known Facebook page “Humans of New York,” Brandon Stanton shares a combination of intimate photos and stories of the strangers he meets on the streets of New York and around the world. Inspired by the success and fame of the original, Grinnell College’s Student & Alumni Connections Committee has…

Golden Dick Graphic

Golden Dick enjoys golden end

Sam Curry, currysam@grinnell.edu Grinnell students will still have a variety of dating sites to help them find love and companionship, but the recent retirement of Golden Dick, the Tinder of late-night omelet and breakfast food delivery, will leave them searching for a tasty snack to share with these newly made friends. The closing of Golden…

Chinese House gathers on the stairs of 1227 Park Street, a far cry from the centers of the house: the kitchen and the couch. 
Photo by Leina'ala Voss.

Midnight Magic from the Middle Kingdom

Megan Tcheng, tchengme@grinnell.edu Nestled next to the Center for Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice and positioned directly across the street from the ARH, 1227 Park Street is home to the nine residents of Chinese House — and their resident feline friend, Possum the cat. Gracia Lee, Amy Zhou (both ’16), Yaoyang Chen, Jisheng Zhang, Ying Zhang…

Photo contributed.

Day in the Life: Jinna Kim ’17

10:30 a.m.—Sixth alarm. Host mom opens the garage and starts her car; my host brother is playing one of his many instruments. Think about getting out of bed. 11:00 a.m.—Forced out of bed thanks to seasonal allergies. 12:00 p.m.—Find cold leftover ham and cheese empanadas for brunch. 1:30 p.m.—Check Google and find out that the…

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Home sweet home, away from home

Lily Bohlke, Copy Editor bohlkeli@grinnell.edu For international students who may struggle with spending so much time so far away from home, and whose parents may also be worried about the distance, Friends of International Students (FIS) provides an invaluable service of matching students up with host families, who often become second families for their Grinnellian…