All Worked Up: Grinnellians balance schoolwork and paid work

By Lily Bohlke & Mira Braneck bohlkeli@grinnell.edu & braneckm@grinnell.edu A big part of coming to college is learning how to balance classes, extracurriculars, a social life and for some, a job. Although school is all students’ priority, many students also prioritize work on and off campus in order to pay for living expenses. There are numerous…

"Just Eat It" is about spending six months eating only food that has been already disposed of or will be thrown away. Photo by Ceci Bergman.

Eco House and FRN host “Just Eat It”

By Michael Cummings cummings@grinnell.edu Bob’s Underground Café hosted a screening of the documentary “Just Eat It” on Tuesday night, bringing the important issue of food waste to Grinnellians’ attention. The screening, sponsored by Eco House and Food Recovery Network (FRN), showcased the experiences of filmmakers Jenny Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin as they embarked on a…

Photo by Leina'ala Voss.

Day in the Life: Ben Charette

7:25 p.m.—Make my way to Bucksbaum (or Big Buck, as we say in the industry). 7:29 p.m.—Arrive fashionably on time. Notice some others passing through and strike up casual conversation about the prospect of writing for the 24-Hour Theatre Project. They are, in fact, not here for the 24-Hour Theatre Project. 7:30 p.m.—[boggessn] ‘19 arrives…


Bugs bite back: watch out for insidious flower bugs

By Steve Yang yangstev17@grinnell.edu Chances are, in the past few weeks you’ve had a really unpleasant experience with some tiny flying black insects: they show up out of nowhere, and any illusions of harmlessness are dispelled when they chomp down on your skin and leave a red welt. There were many misconceptions floating around campus,…


Get to know SEPCs: Political Science

By Lily Seibert seibertl@grinnell.edu The political science SEPC consists of Christine Hood ’17, Phil Gemmel ’17, Ashleigh Bull ’17, Linda Oyolu ’17 and Nirabh Koirala ’17. Between managing double majors and extracurricular activities, the five fourth-years play a significant role in keeping the department running and maintaining communication between students and faculty.     “Our…

The bus for "A Home in the Heartland: Forgotten Stories of how Iowa Got to Be 'Us'" is painted differently than the four exhibits TRACES has run previously. The organization has driven Iowa's social history around the Midwest. Photo by Xiaoxuan Yang.

Bus-eum: “A Home in the Heartland”

By Lily Bohlke bohlkeli@grinnell.edu If you’ve seen what looks like a school bus, but with the word Iowa along with an illustration of the Iowan landscape painted on it, you’ve seen the Bus-eum exhibit called “A Home in the Heartland: Forgotten Stories of how Iowa Got to Be ‘Us.’” Grinnell alum Amy Clampitt, renowned poet,…

Julia Marquez-Utzman is an Advocate, a confidential resource on campus. Contributed photo.

Julia Marquez-Uppman talks about Grinnell Advocates

Grinnell Advocates is a confidential campus support group for those who have experienced sexual misconduct, violence or assault. Students can come to Advocates in a variety of different ways for a variety of diferent reasons at any time of day. This week, The S&B’s Cassidy Hilburn sat down with Julia Marquez-Uppman ’17 to discuss Advocates…

Photo by Hung Vuong. Members of the Student Organization of Latinx are working hard to plan events in celebration of Latin culture.

Student Organization of Latinx celebrates Latin Heritage Month

By Graham Dodd  doddhenr@grinnell.edu The United States’ Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. This year, Karolina Marquez-Gil ’17, co-leader of Grinnell’s Student Organization of Latinxs known as SOL, is helping to organize the College’s celebration.  “The whole point of Latinx Heritage Month is just to promote awareness of Latinx culture…

Photo by Sarah Ruiz. The Physics SEPC consists of Rachel Bass '19, Peter Cipriano '19, Androniki Mitrou '17, Higinio Jasso '17, Allison Bartz '18 and Sarah McCarthy '19. SEPC members are now required to go through implicit bias training.

SEPCs attempt to reduce implicit bias through required trainings

By Lily Bohlke bohlkeli@grinnell.edu This marks the first year that Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) members have been required to attend implicit bias trainings with Lakesia Johnson, Chief Diversity Officer of the College. Implicit biases are present everywhere, especially in academic environments. Although people acting according to their implicit biases do not necessarily intend to…