“Rabbit Hole” shown this weekend

By Megan Tcheng The Grinnell Community Theatre, in conjunction with the Grinnell Area Arts Council, will open its production of “Rabbit Hole” today. The Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, written by renowned playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire, will take place at the Loft Theatre on Broad Street next to the Art Center. Featuring a six-member cast, including Alex…


Historical landmark adds unique touch to Grinnell

By Louise Carhart Although rural Iowa may not seem like a center of architectural thought, there are examples of groundbreaking design right here in Grinnell. The Ricker House, located on Broad Street, is a prime example of the Prairie School (PS), a trend is characterized by long, horizontal lines and restraint in decoration. Often,…


Goat Pros go to work in State Parks

By Mira Berkson McIntosh Woods State Park in Ventura, Iowa has temporarily added 40 furry, adorable and hard-working helpers to its ecosystem: goats. The goats are good for much more than their looks and charming demeanor; they were placed in the state park to graze and eat invasive species, which increase diversity of the…


Oktoberfest this weekend to celebrate German Heritage

By Graham Dodd An hour east of Grinnell, over 30,000 people will come together this weekend to celebrate their German heritage with music, games, parades and beer. The Amana Colonies host the oldest, and one of the largest, Oktoberfest celebrations in Iowa. This year will be the unincorporated community’s 51st Oktoberfest. The festival’s director,…


Cedar Rapids Area towns evacuated due to flooding

By Michael Cummings While Grinnell students who live on the coast frequently complain about Iowa’s distinct lack of water, the state has just enough water to cause trouble. Over the past couple of weeks, heavy rainfall has led to severe flooding in the northeastern parts of the state, including Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second-largest city….


Veterans Memorial may be saved by State of Iowa: Central Park construction threatens building that honors Grinnell’s veterans

By Mira Braneck As the Central Park renovations come to a close, one question concerning the park remains: what to do about the Veterans’ Memorial Building. The building, built in 1956, has stood empty for the past six years, after asbestos was discovered. “The City was responsible for calling in the entity that removed…


Spaulding Lofts bring housing diversity

By Carter Howe In the first building of the new Spaulding Lofts development, just four of its 38 apartments are vacant. A second building, which is still under renovation, in the complex will add 39 additional apartments and is expected to be completed sometime early this winter. In addition to trendy, small apartments with…


Jasper County ammonia leak kills 66,500 fish

By Julia Echikson After receiving a call about dead fish along Wolf Creek in Jasper County, Bill Gibbons, an environmental specialist at the Iowa Department of Natural Reserves (DNR), went to investigate. Upon his arrival, he measured the level of the fertilizer ammonia in the water and found the ammonia levels to be so…


Kites Over Grinnell promises high-flying fun

By Keli Vitaioli Fun is flying to new heights this weekend with the Grinnell Rotary Club’s rebooting of a past favorite, Kites Over Grinnell, on Sat., Sept. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ahrens Park driving range. The family-focused event will offer a full day of kite flying. When the park…


True Grinnellian: Steve Sieck

By Lily Bohlke Grinnellians may think of Professor Stephen Sieck, Biological Chemistry, as just another Noyce professor, but college kids are not the only ones on his mind. He keeps busy thinking about his own three kids as well as every other student enrolled in Grinnell Public Schools. Sieck was recently appointed to the…