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Election madness in Iowa continues into the fall

By Michael Cummings For all the insanity of this 2016 Presidential Election cycle, Iowa at least has seen a respite for the past few months. After being flooded with candidates in the early months of the cycle leading up to Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses, the state has been largely left alone since February. But this…

Vendors at the first Grinnell Farmers’ Market of the season display their wares on 4th Avenue.

Photo by Ellen Schoenmaker.

Grinnell Farmers’ Market blooms in the spring

Lily Bohlke, Features Editor On Thursday, May 12, the Grinnell Farmers’ Market reopened for the season at 833 4th Avenue. The market is more than 40 years old and approximately twenty vendors were ready with new and fresh items to sell yesterday. The market will be open every Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. and every…

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Solar panels soak up Grinnell sunlight, give back

Sam Curry, The Democratic candidates that rolled through Iowa this February probably generated enough wind talking about climate change to power most of the windmills in the state, but long after those politicians are gone the need for more environmentally-conscious energy sources remains. A few individuals and companies in the town of Grinnell have answered…

St. John’s Giving Garden, across the street from Loose Hall, is one of several throughout Grinnell. Photo by Sofia Mendez

Giving Gardens provide for those in need

Mira Braneck, Staff Writer Food insecurity in the Grinnell community is a bigger issue than one would expect, according to Rich Dana, the Executive Director of Imagine Grinnell. This, combined with the high cost of fresh foods, poses a major problem to the town. In an effort to battle these issues, members of the…

Grilled Cheese1 - Michael Cummings

The Best of Grinnell: Grilled Cheese Edition

The origins of the modern grilled cheese can be traced back to the availability of inexpensive sliced bread and cheese in the 1920s. Over time, this evolved into the so-called “cheese dream,” a grilled cheese sandwich left open instead of putting the two slices of bread together, during the Great Depression. Since the 1930s, the…

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USDA funds monarch habitats

Mira Braneck, Staff Writer The monarch butterfly population has seen a serious decline in numbers in the past two decades. However, a new program through the National Conservation Resources Service, a department within the USDA, is providing funding to Iowan farmers that want to enact conservation practices and increase monarch habitats on their land…

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Grin City celebrates 10th anniversary, switches focus

Mira Braneck, Staff Writer Grin City, a local arts collective, is located on a fourth-generation, 320-acre farm dotted with brightly colored buildings. The property has been home to the collective’s arts residency program for the last ten years. However, as Grin City approaches its tenth anniversary, it will be closing its physical doors and…