Puppy pool party brings pets to the Aquatic Center

By Kate Irwin A dog pool party may seem too good to be true, but on Wednesday, Aug. 30, Grinnell Mutual Family Aquatic Center hosted its fifth annual Dog Swim. This year all the proceeds went to the Poweshiek Animal League Shelter (PALS) Dog Park. “[The Dog Swim has] been a very popular fundraising…

Local unions announce school board election endorsements

By Seth Taylor The 2018 midterms are still more than a year away, but local elections for offices such as mayor, city council and school board are just around the corner. Candidates for these positions are seeking endorsements from organizations with local influence. Recently the Iowa branch of the American Federation of Labor and…


Student band to play at the Stew

By Ahon Gooptu The Grinnell Area Arts Council has been busy booking shows for fall, with the inaugural showcase just around the corner. This Saturday, Sept. 2 at Stew Art Studios, Milwaukee trio Listening Party and Grinnell College band p. morrow will take the stage. Erik Jarvis ’12, events manager for the Arts Council,…


GRMC hosts annual Blue Jean Ball, social event of the year

By Andrea Baumgartel Last Saturday, Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC) celebrated its 50th anniversary in style. For the fourth time since 2011, the local hospital threw an appropriately-named Blue Jean Ball fundraiser. About 225 adult attendees swapped out their dusty gowns, tuxes and glass slippers in favor of funky (and much more dance-friendly) denim….


Democratic candidates speak at annual picnic

By Emma Friedlander The Poweshiek County Democratic Party held their annual picnic in Merrill Park last Sunday, Aug. 27, featuring special appearances and speeches by the wide array of Democratic candidates seeking political office in Iowa in 2018. Present at the event were three candidates to represent Iowa’s first district in the U.S. House,…


College to adopt new health insurance plan

By Kate Irwin This coming school year, Grinnell students who opt to obtain insurance through the school will be covered under United Health Care instead of Consolidated Health Plans, the College’s previous provider. Despite the switch to a new health care company, there are no stark differences in the coverage between the old and…


James Shropshire to serve as new head of security

By Carter Howe Grinnell has taken on a new director of campus safety: James Shropshire, former assistant director of campus safety at Augsburg College, a liberal arts college in Minneapolis, where he worked for 17 years. At Augsburg, he also served as a Title IX adjudicator and investigator.  Associate Vice President for Student Affairs…


The College furthers its plan on the “Zone of Confluence”

By Jackson Schulte Since 2013, Grinnell College has been buying properties in downtown Grinnell in what has been dubbed the “Zone of Confluence” initiative. Recently, the College has upped its investment in the project, purchasing three more properties downtown.  Spearheading the initiative for the College is the Office for Community Enhancement, under Monica Chavez’s…