Harris unveils Wedding Show

Harris held more than ‘90s music and Baby Bottle Pops last weekend. There were also wedding dresses and lingerie from the Grinnell Wedding Show, organized by Charity Fairchild Kirsch, manager of Flowers on Fourth, in conjunction with the College. All attendees had the opportunity to win gift certificates from local businesses such as Flowers on…

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Bruce Weindruch ’78 makes history

                Bruce Weindruch ’78 was recently invited back to Grinnell College as part of the Career Development Office’s Career Connection Program. Weindruch graduated from Grinnell with a B.A. in American Civilization and a minor in Education. He then went on to pursue a Ph.D from George Washington University…

Cook-Martin cooks up a new book

                  By Stephen Gruber-Miller, grubermi@grinnell.edu Sociology Professor Davíd Cook-Martín unveiled his new book, The Scramble for Citizens: Dual Nationality and State Competition for Immigrants, at a reading on Tuesday. This is the first book Cook-Martín has published. It originated as his dissertation project at the University of…


Day in the Life: Summer Wilke ’15

6:30 a.m.—Alarm goes off, I get out of bed and I start a morning bike ride with an episode of Community. 6:54 a.m.—Community ends. Switch to Pandora! 7:15 a.m.—Finish my morning ride and get ready for class. I realize that bringing my Peugeot and trainer to Grinnell was one of the best decisions I have…

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Harris ACEs this semester

  By Kevin Hong, hongze@grinnell.edu Harris this semester has been packed full of events—from all-campus parties for students to this weekend’s bridal show. Last semester, traditional parties such as Fetish, Red Light Green Light and ’80s were hits, introducing first years to the Harris culture and reminding upperclassmen of what they missed over summer break. Some…

Christie Peterson and Emiliy Stuchiner (both ’15) play with puppies at the Wellness Fair Tuesday evening at the JRC. Photo by Joanna Silverman.

Fair amount of wellness at the JRC

By Fabiola barral, barralfa@grinnell.edu As Grinnellians headed to the D-hall this past Tuesday, they were met with numerous stations with condoms, plants and beer goggles. For the past five years, the Wellness Fair, hosted by the Wellness Program and Grinnell Regional Medical Center, has continuously strived to reflect a diverse range of ways to improve health…

Day in the Life: Tague Zachary ’15

3:00 a.m.—Wake up to the sound of gunshots. They’re back again. 3:00 and 5 seconds a.m.—Fully clothed and drenched in ammo belts. 3:00 and 10 seconds a.m.—Decide I have way too many ammo belts on. Take a few off. I bust outside. 9:00 a.m.—It’s the morning and the birds are bumpin’. Damn, I lost track…

Extra skills from Excos

By Lily Jamaludin, jamaludi@grinnell.edu   Grinnell students who fear they will graduate from a liberal arts college without having learned any life skills should try their hands at the college ExCo program. ExCo, which is short for Experimental College, allows members of the Grinnell community to share their passions and interests by teaching unconventional classes….

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Majorly independent at Grinnell

By Yishi Liang. liangyis@grinnell.edu “What are you interested in studying?” “What are you planning on majoring in?” “What field do you want to go into?” From the moment new students arrive on campus, they are bombarded with questions about their academic goals. Many know exactly what it is they want to study, while some only…