Extra skills from Excos

By Lily Jamaludin, jamaludi@grinnell.edu   Grinnell students who fear they will graduate from a liberal arts college without having learned any life skills should try their hands at the college ExCo program. ExCo, which is short for Experimental College, allows members of the Grinnell community to share their passions and interests by teaching unconventional classes….

exco and major1

Majorly independent at Grinnell

By Yishi Liang. liangyis@grinnell.edu “What are you interested in studying?” “What are you planning on majoring in?” “What field do you want to go into?” From the moment new students arrive on campus, they are bombarded with questions about their academic goals. Many know exactly what it is they want to study, while some only…

Back row from left:  Michael Sims, Houston Dougharty, Andrea Conner, Brenda Strong, Laura Gogg, Travis Greene, Hannah Langley. Front row: Nancy Guinane, Karen Edwards and Ann Isgrig. Photo by Avery Rowlison

Student Affairs lives the suite life

By Avery Rowlison, rowlison@grinnell.edu It’s the sweet life working in the Student Affairs suite on the third floor of the JRC. The suite is home to 18 of the 40 members of Student Affairs, who have worked there for periods ranging from 18 months (Nancy Guinane, Technical Assistant) to 16 years (Brenda Strong, Technical Assistant)….

Grinnell Martial Arts Pack a Punch

Are you looking to get a kick out of your workout? Or do you just want to feel safer while traversing Grinnell at night?  If so, join one of Grinnell’s on-campus martial arts groups: Aikido or Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Aikido, a Japanese martial art founded in the 1920s by Ueshiba Morihei, was derived from jiu-jitsu as…

Chains of love

Grinnell Links

By Stephen Gruber-Miller, grubermi@grinnell.edu Grinnellians across campus have been receiving emails all week with the subject line “CONGRATZ YOU’VE BEEN CHAINED <3 <3” in preparation for the Chains of Love Harris party on Saturday. Anyone can send an email to the Chains Mistresses requesting that two people be chained together for the night. Neither party…

Grinnell Corps: a closer way to give

Grinnellians often pursue service work following college, applying for jobs with organizations ranging from Americorps and Lutheran Volunteer Corps to Teach for America and the Peace Corps. Some don’t realize that there are opportunities much “closer” to home: Grinnell Corps. Grinnell Corps, an organization run by the school that promotes community service, leadership and social…

Students set sail with externships

Last year, the CDO decided to revive the Externship Program, which offers an opportunity for students to explore tentative career fields by shadowing alumni. “It’s a program for students that are exploring, who maybe don’t have a really good sense of what they want to major in, [or] what they want to do with their…

Alt-break returns this spring

Every year, the Grinnell College Community Service Office financially supports the Alternative Break program, which provides opportunities for students to experience the world outside Grinnell during their fall and spring breaks. Service, communal living and simplicity are the core values of Alternative Break. The participants are expected to engage in the communities that they serve,…

Eco house growing friendships organically

The smell of freshly made falafel wafts in from the kitchen. Bookshelves line one wall, including one built inside what was once the fireplace. Two couches and a rocking chair cluster around a table littered with newspapers. A guitar and a banjo complete the scene. Most Grinnellians know the house at 1130 East Street as…