Whatever happens to all of those Initiatives?

They have ranged from proposed dining hall changes­—a common request—to a proposed name-change for the school itself–in 2006, 25 percent of students voted for Grinnell to be re-named the “Richard J Walker ’04 Conservatory of Awesomeness.” Over 100 student initiatives over the past 11 years have called for a plethora of various actions— the construction of a bordello, the devotion of a room in the JRC to bean bags, and the restoration of peace to the galaxy.

Where TF—did these volunteers come from?

Grinnell students are known for their drive for social equality. But now, more students are turning beliefs into action.
More students are applying for programs during semester breaks like Alt Break and ReNew and programs for graduates, like Grinnell Corps and Teach for America (TFA), than any time in recent memory.

Census is coming

By Jai Garg  With every new decade comes a myriad of fads, quirky musical styles and hip clothing trends. While these factors continuously change, there is one constant in American public life that has and will continue to stay constant— the U.S. Census. Mandated by the U.S. Constitution and administered by the U.S. Census Bureau…

Senatorial candidate visits campus

By Christian Caminti Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin kicked off her college tour last Sunday, Feb. 28, by hosting a town hall meeting at Grinnell College. Despite an adequate on-campus publicity effort by the College Democrats, the meeting attracted a mere forty-something people—less than a quarter of the initial estimate given to the Conlin…