Pioneer Weekend 4.0 continues student entrepreneurship

By Ben Mikek On Nov. 10, students, mentors and organizers gathered for Pioneer Weekend 4.0, an entrepreneurship program organized by the Wilson Center for Innovation and Leadership. Approximately 20 students participated, according to Professor Monty Roper, anthropology, director of the Wilson Center. Groups made up of three or four students generated ideas for a…


Students protest Title IX legislation, question removal of display

By Alice Herman Last Thursday, Nov. 7, Dissenting Voices (DV) held a vigil in support of campus survivors of sexual assault. The visual display that the organization coordinated for the event was removed under contested circumstances, which led to a week of back-and-forth between administrators and the organizers of the event.  DV organizer Evan…

College faculty and staff to face higher insurance premiums

By Carter Howe Effective on Jan. 1, 2018, College faculty and staff will see their health insurance premiums increase by 5.6 percent and their dental insurance premiums by 2 percent. Much more controversially, however, approximately 150 College employees will lose their “flex credit” benefit. “Flex Credit is money given to employees who 1. Decline…


SHIC: resources both practical and pleasurable

By Audrey Corcoran Grinnell students know the Sexual Health Information Center (SHIC) as a source of advice, support and free and discounted — $10 or less — supplies of all kinds. SHIC sells both “health products” and “pleasure products,” including everything from menstrual supplies to vibrators and handcuffs. Patrons can always ask about products…


Food Bazaar: a scrumptious success

By Mayo Sueta This past Sunday, Nov. 12, the International Student Organization (ISO) hosted the annual Food Bazaar. Each year, students sign up to cook around 40 servings of a dish from their home country and share their unique recipes with the community. This year, they had 57 recipes from all over the world….


Day in the life: Maxwell Fenton

6:15 a.m.—Awaken to first alarm, which was set under the proviso that I’d rise and catch up on work. Since my willpower is nothing, I turn it (and the five other ones I set) off and go back to sleep. 8:00 a.m.—ACTUALLY awaken. Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. As always, I send [clarkjoh] a…


CBS holds Black Awareness Week to promote Black student visibility

By Caleb Forbes This past week, student organization Concerned Black Students (CBS) put together Black Awareness Week to promote Black awareness, improve Black student visibility and normalize Black students on campus. “I’d like to emphasize that these events are not only for Black people,” said CBS Secretary Ty Pratt ’20. “We’re not trying to…


Showvember: entertainment and English muffins

By Kelly Page Every November, Grinnellians gather in Gardner Lounge for Showvember, a festival of Grinnell student bands. Last Friday, Nov. 10, several bands took the stage for this important Grinnellian event. According to Josie Sloyan ’18, who played rhythm guitar in Alien Girls, Showvember went smoothly and was full of talent. “I’ve been…


ACSU holds Head-wrap event

By Seth Taylor Grinnell hosts a wide array of multicultural groups on campus, representing people and practices from every corner of the world. One such group is the African Caribbean Student Union (ACSU), and on Wednesday, ACSU hosted the Head-wrap Wrap. The Head-wrap Wrap was an event designed to educate those in attendance about…


Writers @ Grinnell: Lynn Powell

Lynn Powell, a renowned poet, professor of creative writing at Oberlin College and recipient of the 2017 Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry for her book “Season of Second Thought” led Writers @ Grinnell round table this Thursday. The S&B’s Amanda Weber sat down with Powell to discuss religion in poetry and delving into nonfiction writing….