Shovember promises good music, good food, good vibes

Nora Coghlan Tomorrow night Freesound will host the long awaited Gardner music festival of the semester, Showvember, in collaboration with local foods, Bob’s Underground Café, Tiny Dorm, and Concerts Committee. Over the course of five hours, attendees can expect to see 19 acts, composed of roughly 50 student musicians, with three rounds of food…

Respect and Resistance

The night of Nov. 8 was a surreal experience for many Grinnellians. Gathered around campus to celebrate Clinton’s victory, a slow-moving shock seemed to take hold of the student body as states on the map were slowly shaded red. While students at other schools gathered to protest and yell their frustrations, Grinnell remained strangely silent;…

It’s Too Damn Warm

As a native Californian, I never imagined I would say Iowa was “too warm” for anything. Perhaps with the exception of move-in week my first year, when we had heat-advisory warnings and I often woke up drenched in sweat, I’d always imagined Iowa weather to err on the colder side and the winters to fill…


“Constellations” explores alternate realities this weekend

Teresa Fleming In Lesley Delmenico’s production of “Constellations,” parallel universes play out simultaneously onstage as a couple’s relationship unfolds through a series of disconnected scenes. The show opened on Thursday, and performance continue tonight and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. The play follows a beekeeper, Jack, and a quantum physicist,…

The Last of the RINOs

We are all very surprised and confused by the result of this election. As a liberal Republican, I am no different in my visceral response. Donald Trump has already caused so much damage not only to the image of the party as a whole but also to its very ideals. We must now ask ourselves…


Drag Show Fall 201

This year’s Queer Cultures Week came to a close with Drag Show Fall 2016. Campus came together in a much needed celebration, and raised over $700 to be donated to support protests at Standing Rock. The S&B’s Emma Friedlander sat down with Queer People of Color (QPOC) leaders and Drag Superstars Gabi Matthews ’17 and Armando Perez ’17 to talk…

Photo by Nora Coghlan.

Ugandan Music Ensemble a small but mighty group on campus

This semester, Professor Peter Hoesing, Music started Grinnell’s first Ugandan Music Ensemble. The group meets on Monday afternoons to study a variety of instruments and dance. The S&B’s Nora Coghlan sat down with Hoesing and group member Nyx Hauth ’19 to talk about the unique experience of playing in music ensembles at Grinnell. The S&B:…

Photo by Helena Gruensteidl

Writers@Grinnell: Gabrielle Calvocoressi

The S&B’s Graham Dodd sat down with Gabrielle Calvocoressi to talk about poetry, process, and personhood. The S&B: Can you introduce yourself with your name and PGPs?  Gabrielle Calvocoressi: I use she, I don’t know if that’s how I think of myself day to day, but right now that for public life I choose to use….


New county officials to take office 2017

By Phillip Kiely Missy Eilander won an uncontested election on Nov. 8 for the role of Poweshiek County’s new auditor. She ran as a Republican and will start Jan. 1, 2017. Until then she will maintain her current position as the assistant finance director within the office. “I’ll take over Jan. 1, and although I…