Dear SHIC,

Why do I queef and can I do anything to avoid it?


     Queefing Queen

Dear Queen,

Queefs, also called vaginal farts, occur when air is pushed into the vagina and then expelled (what goes in must go out!), which can happen during vaginal penetration or exercise, such as yoga or pilates.  Unlike actual farts, there are no intestinal gasses expelled when you queef, so there is no odor.

Although queefs get a bad rap, there is no reason to be embarrassed; all women queef and some people even find it erotic when their partners queef.  You can’t stop yourself from queefing but you are more likely to queef when engaging in doggie style or inverted missionary position and when the penis, finger(s), or dildo is withdrawn too far with each stroke, which forces more air into the vagina.

Because there is no way to stop queefing, it’s best to laugh it off or make a comment like, “That’s what happens when it’s really good.”  Get used to queefing and start enjoying it.  Who knows?  It could make for better sex.




Dear SHIC,

Lube is so confusing!  There are so many types.  When should I use lube and what type should I try?


To Lube or Not to Lube

Dear Lube,

Although lubricant is particularly necessary when the female being penetrated is dry due to sleep deprivation, stress levels, and/or medication, it is always strongly recommended. Lube allows for longer and deeper thrusts with less discomfort; who doesn’t want that?  You can always use pre-lubed condoms but having extra lube on hand is always a good idea for hotter sex, but is especially useful when having shower sex or anal sex and for when a female partner is particularly dry.

As far as lube types, you should use unflavored, water-based lube for vaginal sex because they are less likely to cause infections.  Silicon-based lube is best for anal sex and sex in the shower, tub, or bath.  You should never use oil-based lube, as it will damage the condom.  The SHIC sells both water- and silicon-based lube for four to six dollars per bottle or fifty cents per pillow… so come in today and start lubing it up!




I’m a guy and my little guy is a grower, not a shower. What if my partner sees my cock before it gets hard and gets immediately turned off? 🙁


Worried About My Size


Dear Worried About My Size,

Remember that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover?” Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a grower. Growers are typically 1-4 inches flaccid but grow in greater size when erect (~5-7 inches). Basically, your goods only show when you’re erect. In case you didn’t know, showers stay the same size when erect and flaccid. Sadly, there is no way to convert to being a shower. Although, you can accept your wonderful grower!

Your partner may find it very arousing seeing your little guy grow. Confidence is really the key in engaging your partner. However, it’s totally understandable if you’re worried your partner may have an unwanted initial reaction. How do we solve this? Foreplay! It’s not necessary to take your clothes off immediately and dive right in to any sort of sexual activity. Try paying attention to the little things more, such as kissing or touching. After your first encounter, your partner is unlikely to care when you’re limp because you’ve already enjoyed each other under the sheets.

Next time, if you’re worried about that bulge in your pants, realize it’s very hard for a person to judge your size by just looking. No one can judge you until they’ve peeked under the covers.

Stay Sexy,