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Sexplanations: Abstinence and how to politely decline

Sexplanations is an anonymous Q&A column to increase access to information regarding sex, sexual health, sexuality, relationships and the promotion of sexual respect at Grinnell College. Questions are answered collaboratively by the Sexual Health Information Center (SHIC), the Stonewall Resource Center (SRC) and the Office of Wellness and Prevention. Submit questions at Will I…

Horoscope: The Signs as 2000s Memes

Aries: Honey Badger Taurus: Chuck Norris jokes Gemini: Shoes Cancer: Didn’t have an internet connection in 2007 Leo: IDK my BFF Jill Virgo: Thriller prison dance Libra: I like turtles Scorpio: What What (In the Butt)? Sagittarius: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Capricorn: Lolcats Aquarius: Charlie bit my finger Pisces: Nyan Cat

Letter to the editor: Vote to prevent environmental destruction

Many Americans watched in horror as Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States in November, especially those concerned with his anti-environment rhetoric. During his first nine months in office, Trump has already begun dismantling the EPA, backed out of the Paris Accord and reemphasized the coal energy sector. Democrats and Republicans…

Film Perception: A Usually Unsuspected Plot Twist

When thinking of the greatest plot twists of all time, I can’t help but suggest “The Usual Suspects,” directed by Bryan Singer. This 1995 crime drama, featuring the one and only Kevin Spacey, revolves around his character Roger “Verbal” Kint retelling the tale of how he came to be associated with four other criminals. After…

Horoscope: The Signs as D-Hall Desserts

Aries: Chocolate whoopie cake Taurus: Apple pie Gemini: Pumpkin pie Cancer: Anything vegan Leo: Orange Dreamsicle cake Virgo: Grasshopper bars Libra: Nutella/strawberry cream puffs Scorpio: Gooey butter cake Sagittarius: Surprise cake Capricorn: Sugar cookies Aquarius: Chocolate lasagna Pisces: Orange poppy seed cookies