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Community Hour to bring campus together

By Caleb Forbes The creation of a new campus event, Community Hour, was announced last Friday, Aug. 25 in a special campus memo. This new series will bring the campus together at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays, when no classes or meetings are held. Although this time slot has previous been used for lectures held…


Fitness Center introduces new policies

By Julia Echikson The Grinnell College Athletic Department and student-athlete group Queer Athletes and Allies (QAA) are launching an initiative to make the Bear Athletic Center more accessible for students. “A lot of things in the Bear [Athletic Center] needed to be improved, in general. But also more importantly, we [Grinnell College Athletic Department]…


2021 brings demographic shift

By Ben Mikek The Department of Admissions has welcomed a new noteworthy class to Grinnell’s campus. Census day, when official statistics will become available, is still half a week away, but the Admissions Department was able to preview the Class of 2021’s achievements.  The new class in many ways represents a continuation of long-term…


Day in the life: Kevin Nguyen

6:45 a.m. — Another Monday. First alarm goes off. Accursed 8 a.m. classes, forcing me to wake up with the sun. 7:00 a.m. — Scroll through today’s menu on G-Licious. I hope there will be greek yogurt for breakfast. 7:15 a.m. -— Excitedly shuffle to the greek yogurt station. Realize it’s actually vanilla yogurt day….


OCR administratively closes the College’s Title IX investigation

By Alice Herman In a special campus memo released Wednesday, Aug. 30, President Raynard Kington addressed the closure of a two-year long investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) into allegations of “discrimination on the basis of sex and also retaliation” against students by Grinnell College.  “[The College] will…


Coming soon: your Career Community

By Sam Rueter The fall 2017 semester marks the launch of “Career Communities,” a new initiative from the Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS) at Grinnell. The program, spearheaded by Mark Peltz, dean of the Center for Careers, Life and Services, aims to connect students with alumni and professionals in their chosen field…


New club RATS aims to provide support for survivors

By Molly Nelson Narz Diane ’20 lies across a large, pancake-shaped beanbag in the Stonewall Resource Center. We are surrounded by vivid colors and pillows adorned with gender and sexuality puns. Secluded, but surrounded by warm ambience. The Rape And Trauma Support group, or RATS, is a new group on campus. As of now,…


College to adopt new health insurance plan

By Kate Irwin This coming school year, Grinnell students who opt to obtain insurance through the school will be covered under United Health Care instead of Consolidated Health Plans, the College’s previous provider. Despite the switch to a new health care company, there are no stark differences in the coverage between the old and…


James Shropshire to serve as new head of security

By Carter Howe Grinnell has taken on a new director of campus safety: James Shropshire, former assistant director of campus safety at Augsburg College, a liberal arts college in Minneapolis, where he worked for 17 years. At Augsburg, he also served as a Title IX adjudicator and investigator.  Associate Vice President for Student Affairs…


The College furthers its plan on the “Zone of Confluence”

By Jackson Schulte Since 2013, Grinnell College has been buying properties in downtown Grinnell in what has been dubbed the “Zone of Confluence” initiative. Recently, the College has upped its investment in the project, purchasing three more properties downtown.  Spearheading the initiative for the College is the Office for Community Enhancement, under Monica Chavez’s…