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Community Advisor position changes payment plan

By Keli Vitaioli Beginning fall semester 2017, payment for Community Advisors (CAs) will switch from a $1,000 stipend each semester to a grant covering the cost of rooming through the College. Monetarily, this grant comes out to $5,856 per year. The 292.8 percent raise comes with additional job responsibilities and a cap on the…


Ready to Run Iowa in Grinnell

By Andrea Baumgartel On average, it takes seven asks for a woman to think seriously about running for public office. The Ready to Run campaign is trying to change that. Last week, Grinnell hosted the non-partisan program, which stems out of Iowa State University, via telecast. Thinking the program would be of interest to…


CRSSJ and language houses to be relocated

By Zane Silk The Center for Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice (CRSSJ) will be downsizing and losing its Muslim prayer space at the end of the semester to make space for the construction of a new Admissions/Financial Aid Center at the southwest corner of 8th Ave. and Park St. Additionally, three language houses that…


Off-Campus Safety Coalition begins training

By Zane Silk Many students feel that safety is lacking in the off-campus party scene, which has led Ella Williams ’19 to organize the new Off Campus Safety Coalition (OSC) to serve as an informal network of students with the skills to act when unsafe situations arise. To get things started, she helped organize…


Practical Political Education brought back onto campus

By Alice Herman Political Science professor Barbara Trish is working to bring the Program in Practical Political Education (PPPE) — an organization that was influential in the 1960s and has since fallen into relative inactivity — back into Grinnell College campus life. According to a report on the history of the PPPE by Anna…


Mayflower Community Residents come to discuss conflict, difference and threats towards immigrants and refugees

By Steve Yang In the current political climate, issues of safety and personal well-being have come up repeatedly in campus conversation. In this context, residents of the Mayflower Community, a retirement home situated approximately a mile from the College, expressed interest in meeting with Grinnell students and discussing conflict, difference and threats towards immigrants…

Campus council debates antifa ideals and rhetoric

By Lily Bohlke At Campus Council on Wednesday night, Delegate Isaac Gold ’19 and Junze Yao ’20 came forward with a request to discuss “the art and ideals of antifa,” according to SGA Senator Jenkin Benson ’17. Gold said that he was concerned by a group labeling itself as antifa, short for anti-fascist, at…


Innovation Fund rejects college farm

By Zane Silk After the Innovation Fund rejected his proposal for a college farm, Professor Jon  Andelson, anthropology, was deeply disappointed. Now he’s concerned that the small garden he runs will be demolished this summer. Andelson, who is the director of the center for prairie studies, helped set up the garden on Park St….


David Orr’s convocation on climate change

By Keli Vitaioli David Orr, accredited climate-change expert and distinguished professor, author and advisor to the president of Oberlin College, addressed a packed JRC 101 for his convocation on Thursday, Feb. 9 titled, “Climate Change and the Crisis of American Democracy.” Conveying a sense of urgency towards climate change action, Orr identified the roles…