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Stonewall Resource Center revamps SRC Coalition activist group

By Kate Irwin The Stonewall Resource Center (SRC) provides numerous resources to Grinnell students such as a GWSS lending library, a library with queer literature, a clothing closet with free clothing for use by transgender students, a space for identity based support groups to meet and is also a place for students to just…


Mohammed Khan speaks about being Muslim in America

By Jon Sundby A recent spate of bias-related incidents, including the shooting of two Indian engineers in Kansas and a string of vandalism at Jewish cemeteries, have brought hate crimes back into the forefront of America’s consciousness. Especially for Muslims, who were a rhetorical target for President Trump during his campaign, the threat of…


Campus council discusses protests

By Reed Essex SGA representatives at Wednesday’s campus council meeting continued to discuss the student protests of a talk given by Ken  Adelman ’67 and the subsequent meetings of President Raynard Kington with the student protesters. SGA Senator Riley Murphy ’19 began the conversation by explaining each of the events related to Adelman’s visit….


CRSSJ prayer spaces

By Zane Silk Since news broke on Feb. 16 that the new site for the Center for Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice (CRSSJ) would feature much less space for Muslim and Hindu students, there has been strong public pushback from the affected students and the College community. Behind the scenes, members of the administration…


Technology and Human Rights Symposium features Opal Tometi

By Michael Cummings While the benefits of recent technological advances are frequently touted in the media and in society, such tech also has its drawbacks. This week, the Rosenfield Program dug deep into both sides of this coin with a symposium on technology and human rights. A diverse array of speakers came to campus…

Bruce Blonigen on Gender and Trade Policy

By Siyuan Du Bruce Blonigen, Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science at the University of Oregon, gave a talk entitled “Gender and Trade Policy” on Tuesday, Feb. 28. He discussed trade policies and the impact of gender on different views of trade policies, both among the general population and among legislators in the…


Standing rock activists share stories

By Jon Sundby For those of us on the outside looking in, the saga of Standing Rock seems to be nearing its end. On Feb. 23, the Oceti Sakowin Camp, the largest of the camps on the Standing Rock Lakota reservation, was destroyed by a militarized police force. The native activists purposefully burned down…


Grinnell’s commitment to transgender students

By Zane Silk Last week, President Raynard Kington reiterated Grinnell’s commitment to transgender students in a special campus memo. This followed the Trump administration’s rescindment of an Obama-era letter that provided guidelines for how colleges should support transgender students. Going forward, the College will be increasing the amount of gender-inclusive housing, streamlining Grinnell’s name…