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Corner of Broad & 8th: poophouse

By Tanvi Jindal A cozy house on the corner of Broad Street and 8th Street is home to Robin Crotteau, Oonagh Jordan, Caleigh Ryan, Marie Kolarik and Julia Broeker, all ‘17. They have known each other since their first year at Grinnell and decided to live together off campus for their last year together…


“Doing organizing at Grinnell” promotes activism

By Ridhika Agrawal “Doing Organizing at Grinnell,” a new publication at Grinnell College, intends to support activism and organization on campus. It is led by Nate Williams ’20 and Ella Williams ’19. So far, they have had two publications, one of which was a preview and the other a full version. A conversation about…


Burling gets lit

By Andrea Baumgartel Over the weekend in Burling Library, The SGA Green Committee hosted an informal lightbulb-reinstatement event in which students were invited to switch outdated compact florescent lamp (CFL) bulbs in accessible areas such as desks and tables for an environmentally friendly and lower-cost LED alternative. Representing the committee were Emily Burgess ’19,…


Professor speaks: trusted news sources

In a political climate that has people feeling like if they tear their gaze away from their phone for too long, they might miss the announcement of World War III, keeping up with the latest media can sometimes feel like a life or death situation. When it comes to biases, fake news or Facebook feeds…


The Fantasy Suite: A pretty unique house

By Philip Kiely A large house, the multicolored exterior adorned with massive polka dots, stands at 1007 East Street, is home to Claudia Handal, Alosha Southern, Lauren Toppeta, Hameed Weaver, Sam Burt, Lily Ge and Ella Gensheimer, all ’17. The seven friends have known each other since first year and decided to live together…


Math Department welcomes lecturer Kusha Nezafati

By Tanvi Jindal Grinnell College welcomed Lecturer Kusha Nezafati to the Math department this semester. Nezafati received a B.A. in philosophy and a B.S. in mathematics  at University of Texas-Austin and went on to get his Masters in Statistics at University of Texas-Dallas. He is currently working on his dissertation for a Ph.D. in…


Students Speak: Winter Break Review

Over the five weeks of winter break, Grinnellians celebrated, worked and relaxed at home and around the world. The S&B’s Keli Vitaioli asked students in and around the Grill to share their stories from winter break. All photos by Garrett Wang.


Good Living in Iconic Tower

By Philip Kiely ’20 Gates Hall houses a plaque honoring a 19th century Grinnell College president; gothic-architectural elements and, in the tower, Aidan Healey ’17, Stewart Bass ’18, Whitney Teagle ’18, Sophie Wynde ’19 and Emily Burgess ’19. The five cross-country and track runners live in a five-person suite unlike any other residence on campus….


Get to know your SEPC: studio art

By: Zane Silk ’20 The new art SEPC hopes to foster a strong artistic community at Grinnell, stretching beyond the art majors to all students interested in art. Before fall 2016 the art and art history SEPC split into two groups, so the Studio Art Department’s SEPC has been able to focus its attention on…