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Grinnell Artists: Julia Broeker

Megan Tcheng When Julia Broeker ’17 creates art, they dedicate themself to it completely. Time becomes a fluid measure. Seconds, minutes and hours trickle by with little recognition or distinction. Physical needs easily go unnoticed. Ultimately, driven by their timeline of experimentation and creation, Broeker and their art freely travel through time and space….


Take a trip to Neverland this weekend

Andrea Baumgartel The last thing anyone would expect to find on a mid-week evening on a college campus would be energy—but when I opened the door to The Wall in Bucksbaum, I was immediately bombarded with the sight and sounds of the Neverland Players. If dictionary words were replaced with sensory descriptions, the word…


W. Kamau Bell seeks to “end racism in about an hour”

Zane Silk When I first entered the Harris Theater on Tuesday night, I did not expect to hear many of my fellow audience members yell out loudly, “I’m white and I’m proud!” But that is exactly what happened during comedian W. Kamau Bell’s show “The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an…


Artist Ligia Bouton talks aspiration and inspiration

Steve Yang Ligia Bouton, an associate professor of interdisciplinary foundations at the University of New Mexico, gave an overview of her work titled “Conversations with the Dead” in Faulconer Gallery on Thursday evening. Bouton discussed her aspirations, inspirations and different galleries she has worked on in the past, showing off colorful exhibitions and pieces…


Grinnell Artists: Lydia James ’19

Zane Silk When I walked into the Bucksbaum sculpture studio, Lydia James ’19 was sitting cross-legged on a table, her art spread out in a circle around her. As I looked at the bright watercolors and vivid prints, the textured sculptures and embroidered fabrics, I barely glanced at an unassuming pile of black sketchbooks…


Cinematic arts professor talks Latin American cinema

Louise Carhart Last Wednesday, Feb. 22, Professor Kathleen Newman, an associate professor of cinematic arts at the University of Iowa, gave a talk on cinema and the growing international participation in the creation of culture. Newman’s work examines the globalization of culture, as our world continues to export media across borders and oceans. Her…


Artist Walter Thompson brings soundpainting to campus

Teresa Fleming Over the past few weeks, Grinnell students from a broad range of disciplines have developed their fluency in Soundpainting, a system of gestures devised by visiting artist Walter Thompson. Thompson drew on his experience as a composer to create a system of signs that would allow him to direct more improvisational pieces….


The Skins, Elysia Crampton and Rabit to grace Gardner this weekend

Halley Freger Grinnell Concerts is bringing us another music-packed weekend with the last two shows before spring break. On Friday, Brooklyn-based band The Skins will share their eclectic sound. On Saturday, Elysia Crampton and Rabit will switch things up with their experimental, electronic music. Both shows are at 9 p.m. in Gardner Lounge. Last…


Grinnell Artists: Tim Dooley ’17

By Andrea Baumgartel On a cloudy Wednesday afternoon, as I stepped into Bucksbaum studio 128B, I found Tim Dooley ‘17 in a continuous mental and physical rumination over his artwork. Much like his deeply conceptual, cerebral prints, the creative process of the fourth-year Studio Art major, SEPC member and visual artist is equally abstract….