Check out the style Grinnellians bring to the gym

Lots of Grinnellians go to the gym just to workout. Whether they mean to or not, though, people can sometimes be found sporting some eye-catching clothes or accessories. The S&B sent reporter Quan Tran and photographer Mai-Vu Phuong to the Bear Athletic Center to ask people about their gym style. Find out about the gloves, old school Chucks and Kindles that can be found in the gym.

What are the gloves for?
[I often] bring my gloves. When I don’t wear gloves, my hands usually become really bad. Especially after going to the gym, the skin [on my hand] gets really hard.
Do you make a point to come to the gym in style?
No, just to get some workout. It doesn’t really have anything to do with style.
– Khoi Luu ’19

What’s special about these shoes?
These are custom Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I don’t like normal sport shoes because they have a rubbery sole and set your foot forward, so when I’m doing squats I’m kind of leaning forward. Chuck Taylor [on the other hand] has a flat, hard sole so it’s easier to stay level.
Why are your shoelaces tied that way?
I just want to it to be a little more special so I decided to [make it] unconventional and fun.
– Mark Loftus ’21

Why do you have a Kindle with you at the gym?
I like to multitask, so I don’t focus on my number so much as I get lost in my book. Usually when I’m reading, nobody bothers me. I work a fairly stressful job, and so [through the Kindle] I get to escape into somebody else’s life. For the most part, it helps distract me from being on the machine.
Do you make a point to come to the gym in style?
I have to tell you this: If you’re over the age of 22 in this gym, you’re basically invisible. Unless you’re a professor.
– Caroline Saxton, Program Associate