Contact the S&B at with story ideas, letters to the editor, advertisement requests, rants, backpage photos and more.


We meet to assign photos and stories to interested students, regardless of experience. Meetings are held in the Publications Office, JRC 220. Typically, writers meet at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays, and photographers at 3:30, unless the school is returning from break.


The staff of the S&B is comprised entirely of students who work independently of Grinnell College. The staff works without an official College adviser and receives funding from the Student Publications and Radio Committee (SPARC). Students publish the paper every Friday during the academic year.


Advertising inquiries should be directed to the business manager, who can be reached at, or (641) 269-3325.


Hiring is typically conducted at the end of each semester. The S&B accepts applications for columnists and cartoonists at the beginning of each semester and for editor positions as they become available.


The Scarlet & Black is published on Fridays by students of Grinnell College and is printed by The Marshalltown Times-Republican. The newspaper is funded in part by the Student Publications and Radio Committee (SPARC) and also relies on advertising revenue to cover operating costs. All publications funded by SPARC are copyright of SPARC and cannot be reproduced elsewhere without specific written consent from SPARC.

The Scarlet & Black welcomes story ideas from students, faculty and other members of the town and College community. If there is any story that should be covered, please call (641) 269-3325 or e-mail

Send letters to the editor via e-mail to The author’s name must be included, but letters can be published anonymously in certain occasions upon request. Letters become the property of the S&B and will be printed at the discretion of the editor. The S&B reserves the right to edit any and all submissions. The deadline for publication in Friday’s paper is the previous Wednesday at noon. Please do not include footnotes in the letters to the editor. The opinions expressed in letters to the editor, opinion columns and advertising do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the S&B, SPARC or Grinnell College.

Anonymous comments will be deleted at the discretion of the S&B staff.


The staff of the Scarlet & Black is working to return the archives to the web (as of November 2012). Some years are available on PioneerWeb ( to current and prospective students under the Community tab.

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