Daily Archives: November 13, 2015

Cornel West to Visit Campus

KELI VITAIOLI vitaioli@grinnel.edu As the highly anticipated Democratic caucus draws nearer, reaching out to voters becomes more and more important. Dr. Cornel West, a renowned American scholar of race, gender and class and a prominent activist, is set to attend the College this Saturday, Nov. 14, at 1 p.m. in Sebring-Lewis Hall. West recently announced…


Sexual Climate Survey Results Go Public

Teresa Fleming, News Editor  flemingt17@grinnell.edu Last Sunday, Nov. 10, members of the campus community learned the results of the campus-wide 2015 Sexual Conduct: Culture and Respect survey. Among other developments, the survey revealed that while the overall number of sexual assaults reported by participants has not decreased since the survey was last issued in 2013,…


SGA drafts plans to spend reserve funds

Michael Cummings, Staff Writer cummings@grinnell.edu Two weeks ago, the Grinnell student body received an email from our Student Government Association (SGA) Treasurer, Ham Serunjogi ’16, with a bold new proposal. Serunjogi introduced a plan by the SGA Cabinet to spend $110,000 from SGA’s reserve account, “on a series of projects that we believe will have a positive…


Richard Fyffe Remembered

Susanne Bushman, Arts Editor bushmans@grinnell.edu Grinnell mourns the loss of Richard Fyffe, the director of the College libraries, this week after he passed away on Thursday, Nov. 5. Fyffe led the library for nearly 10 years until his diagnosis with ALS forced him to step down from his position as the Samuel R. and Marie-Louise…


Committee explores substances, safety

Mira Braneck braneckm@grinnell.edu The Harm Reduction Committee met on Thursday, Nov. 5, to discuss different ways Grinnell can reduce both underage and excessive drinking. The goal of this particular meeting was to discuss “environmental-level strategies,” or ways to alter the context—places, occasions, and circumstances—in which students drink in order to increase safety and reduce negative…


Students march with national movement

                  Yishi Liang, Editor-in-Chief liangyis@grinnell.edu On Thursday, Nov. 12, the Grinnell Student Power Network organized the “Million Student March” outside in the Joe Rosenfield Center courtyard as a movement in solidarity with the national campaign. The march was co-sponsored by Dissenting Voices and Grinnellians for Bernie Sanders….


Richard Russo shares advice, journey

Susanne Bushman, Arts Editor bushmans@grinnell.edu Writers@Grinnell hosted Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Russo yesterday, Nov. 12. Russo is the author of seven novels, a collection of short stories, a memoir and several screenplays. Russo’s novels contain “the full sweep of the adult world,” as Professor Dean Bakopolous, English, stated in his introduction for the writer. During…


Xu Xing documents the Cultral Revolution

Emma Friedlander friedlan@grinnell.edu Xu Xing, an acclaimed writer and filmmaker from Beijing, visited campus this week to share his documentary, “A Chronicle of my Cultural Revolution.” Xing’s short stories and documentaries explore themes of loneliness and self in recent Chinese history. “A Chronicle of my Cultural Revolution” depicts China’s Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976 from a…


“Savage”: A conversation on skin color through sculpture

Keli Vitaioli vitaioli@grinnell.edu In a contrasting display of tight leather stretched between sharp metal lines, Smith Gallery show, “Savage,” by Hazel Batrezchavez ’17, examines a multitude of connections between skin color and identification, such as being perceived as lesser “unconditioned” beings. The show consists of multiple metal-leather sculptures paired with wood block prints. Batrezchavez sees…