Daily Archives: April 17, 2009

Faculty Document on Student Affairs

We at the S&B maintain a steadfast commitment to the highest principles of journalism and strive constantly to provide this community with coverage that is fair, useful and accurate. Upon further deliberation, and in light of newly acquired information, we believe that the faculty document posted on the S&B website last Friday does not meet…

Letter: Faculty and students decry Osgood

We the undersigned write as Grinnellians dedicated to free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas, as faculty members and students united in promoting Grinnell College’s core values of excellence in a liberal education, diversity, and social responsibility. Last fall, a group of faculty members wrote first to the Board of Trustees, and then to…

Animal Crawl

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Neil Finnegan ’09 and Jai Garg ’11 went to Lion’s Den, Rabbitt’s, Eagles Club, Phoenix, and Wolf Haus to find out the animalistic qualities of these fine establishments. This is their tail: